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Well. Where to start? I love tennis with a passion. For you who don't play tennis, I can't tell you enough how great it is. I play tennis pratically every day of the week. My favourite player is probably Rafael Nadal, or Novak Djokovic. I also like Maria Sharapova and Fernando Verdasco. I play tennis at national level and am ranked inside the top 100 in the country. My dream is to win Wimbledon and become the first Britain to reach #1 in the world in god knows how long. Maybe I will give all you LJ friends a ticket when I am in the final.

I discovered Photoshop about 2 years ago. Thank god a bloody did. I spend all my time editing images. Check out my graphics journal omdang_icons. I enjoy making sport icons the most, especially football and tennis. I also enjoy stock icons. I soon hope to be the Photoshop master of the world! (or not). Hope you enjoy my graphics and don't forget to friend, I will always friend back, unless at the time I'm at school because they f*cking block it!

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